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I would like to get everyone's opinion on using Wikipedia as a resource. I personally love it, but I have heard a lot of complaints lately on the part of others who mistrust the revision process that Wikipedia uses. Obviously, I wouldn't use Wikipedia as my sole source of information in which to make decisions, but that is because I wouldn't use just any single one source in which to make a decision in the first place.


Any thoughts?

Graham O'Hea, Pharmacy Systems Analyst
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Re: Wikipedia

When I'm doing research, I'll start with Google and Bing searches which often list Wikipedia pretty high in the results, at least for more general concepts.  I do find Wikipedia a good resource as a launching point for more details, either by following the reference links or just by seeing additional terms that then I can use to refine my Google searching. I also find Wikipedia often has useful illustrations of concepts that I'll then use or model off to clarify a concept in a presentation. 


As far as the reliability of the data, like GrahamOH, I wouldn't use it as my sole source...I'll take the "trust, but verify" approach.

Abraham Palmbach
Vice President, Operations
Pharmacy OneSource, Inc.
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Re: Wikipedia

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I'm not a big fan of Wikipedia for any type of drug information, or any medical information for that matter. It's a bad practice as the information is not verified. You can throw anything up there.


Now if you want to look up a quick history of the Palm OS or how fast a dog runs, then by all means use Wikipedia. But never use it as a pharmacy reference tool.


Just my two cents.






Here's a couple of articles worth looking at:

Ann Pharmacother 2008, 42(12) 1814-21
Ann Pharmacother 2009,43(11): 1912 - 1913