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What are benefits of majoring in Pharmacy and Information Technology?

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I just wanted to know the benefits for each major because I was interested in majoring in Information Technology because I hear many companies look for a good worker with good skills in this field and I am good with computers..but alot of my friends and family all choose to be pharmacists..I know its because of the money, but what are the benefits of pharmacy exactly and the benefits of a job in IT? 

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Re: What are benefits of majoring in Pharmacy and Information Technology?

I am sure many people here will have their own opinions one way or the other, and I would encourage them to chime in.


That being said, I think your question misses the mark a little bit. You really shouldn't be looking at the benefits of Pharmacy versus the benefits of IT, as each one is a fairly different field from each other with different cultures and different ways of looking at a particular set of problems, and each one can lead to rewarding careers. Rather, I would argue for you to examine where your passion and your interests are.


If you have no interest in being around sick people, arguing with insurance companies, and dealing with the sometimes myopic and arcane pharmacy regulations, perhaps pharmacy is not the career for you. On the other hand, if you have no interest in a job where you may be laid off in a year because of shifting economic headwinds and vague customer specifications, then perhaps IT is not the career path for you.


Without experience, it would be difficult to make an assessment one way or another. Would one of your friends or family be able to give you a tour and an experience of working in pharmacy? Is there anyone that you know in IT who can give you a feel of things? That is the route that I would start with if you were interested in either one to help you make a decision.

Graham O'Hea, Pharmacy Systems Analyst
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Re: What are benefits of majoring in Pharmacy and Information Technology?

The fields (pharmacy and IT) are totally different with regard to communication skills. Pharmacy requires a face to face dialog with clients to discuss health care issues and the relationship of medications to health. IT does not require face to face interactions with clients on a regular basis. Pharmacy hours may involve weekends, nights, holidays while the vast majority of IT positions can be accomplished during "regular" 9-5 hours unless the individual is a IT tech doing live support which may involve late night or 24/7 hours by staff at a control centre.  My son and son-in law are both in IT. One is a web developer and has regular hours and can even work from home as log as he has a computer and a connection to the main frame. My son in law is a support manager at a large organization and occasionally get called at all hours to resolve a problem that one of his staff cannot handle.


The communication skill set is vastly different in the 2 fields. If you don't love dealing face to face with sick people, stay away from pharmacy.