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Meaningful Use for Pharmacists Webinar

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Thanks for joining our presentation with John Poikonen, "Meaningful Use for the Pharmacist."

View the on-demand recording or download the slides.


How are you preparing for Meaningful Use requirements? Have a question for John? Post it here and he will be answering questions for a limited period of time.

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Re: Meaningful Use for Pharmacists Webinar

thank you for an excellent presentation. Our facility is close to 100% CPOE for our inpatient orders. This has been a struggle for us, not only for the known and unknown consequences we attempted to prepare for,  but for the totally "caught by surprise" inability of the vendor to produce. We had no idea when we started that we would essentially be a "beta" site. The question I have is the vendor population ready for MU. Are there truly products out there that a small rural hospital can afford which will enable them to meet MU. We  studied and reviewed many articles and programs that assisted us in our preparation for CPOE and EMR, but we just were not ready for the "in development" answers from our vendor. Just hoping this is common and not unique to our situation, and any advise as we move forward in our facility to EMAR and bar code medication administration.  thanks

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Re: Meaningful Use for Pharmacists Webinar

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Good question on if vendors are prepared.  The first thing I would do is check to see if you vendor is "Certified".  You can find this here:


If they are, they had to pass a rigorous test to demonstrate functionality.  The detailed list of the functions can be found here:


Thirdly, if you find that there is something you do not have, yet it is on the criteria for certification, I would 1) get clarification (in writing) from your vendor 2) if not satisfied, and it is clear that you do not have the functionality outlined in the criteria, report them to the ONC and then 3) Go public with it (consult your CIO).


If they are not certified they would most likely have a plan to do so.


Most things are not that black and white.  Criteria is one thing, implementing functions in a elegant way is a very different item (think Apple).   Sentri7, for example, has a clinical rule implementation that is exceedingly elegant (unsolicited comment).


Good luck, vendors are very heads down in MU and hope you see some results.