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Integrated HIS vs. "Best Of"

I'd like to know how many people out there are using an integrated HIS throughout their hospital, i.e. a single vendor that supplies pharmacy, lab, radiology, ED, etc. Also like to know how many people are using a system pieced together from different vendors and what type of problems that creates, i.e. interface issues, one system using different units for ht, wt, etc. Thanks.

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Re: Integrated HIS vs. "Best Of"

I suppose this depends on how you define an integrated HIS. We have a single system that handles pharmacy, lab, ED, nursing documentation, radiology transcriptions, etc., but it specifically does not handle radiology PACS, admissions, or specific types of clinical monitoring (this is what we have Sentri7 for :-)    ).


In fact, unless someone out there has created a super-system that is capable of handling everything under the hospital sun (granted, I have never worked with Epic, but I have heard that it is quite capable), I think that you are going to see a hybrid of an integrated HIS that handles core functionality with additional applications pieced in here and there to cover the gaps. In some ways, this is actually the least desirable method as the integrated HIS is good about working within itself, but very poor about interfacing with third party applications or allowing increased functionality from within, so one is left with a highly inconsistent user experience that is difficult to train to.

Graham O'Hea, Pharmacy Systems Analyst