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Registered: ‎02-19-2010

How are mobile devices managed by hospital IT?

We're looking for insight into how Hospital IT manages all the new mobile technologies and decides which get access to their networks.  More specifically, we'd like to understand if or when hospital IT allows personal mobile devices to be used within their networks?  With mobile platforms like the iPhone and now iPad, Blackberry, Android, Palm WebOS, Windows Mobile, etc, are individuals allowed to have their personal devices connect to hospital systems or is access strictly limited to hospital-owned devices?  With more people carrying these devices everyday, do you see Hospital IT's policies having to shift in the future?

Abraham Palmbach
Vice President, Operations
Pharmacy OneSource, Inc.
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Re: How are mobile devices managed by hospital IT?

Just one hospital's perspective, but we don't typically allow "personal" mobile devices on the hospital network. The one exception: physicians pretty much get what they want. 


I don't think hospitals will change their policies, but I do think hospitals will change their technology to allow access from any mobile device, i.e. less legacy software and more "web based" platforms and centralized data structures. Just a thought.