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eye protection when preparing hazardous csp's

Was wondering if the glass shield of a BSC II is sufficient enough eye protection when preparing hazardous drugs (chemos)?  Or is something else required or recommended?  Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: eye protection when preparing hazardous csp's

I have always stressed that while working with any hazardous material that the donning of protective eyewear is highly encouraged either with a CACI and, especially, important with the BSC.  The BSC does not protect you completely from sprays as the CACI, so it makes sense to wear them while compounding in the BSC.  Having said that, when transporting the hazardous drugs from the storeroom into the BSC you can accidentally drop a vial and depending on how close you are to the vial, pieces of that hazardous vial can land in your eye.


The need to clean the hoods both inside and out also create an opportunity to have some sprays land in your eye especially when using the sodium hypochlorite solution to disinfect.  The use of protective eyewear can reduce the possibility that this may occur.


So yes, I strongly encourage everyone to wear protective eyewear when compounding and cleaning hazardous drugs.

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