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Wiping products as they enter ante-room

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What agent is your organization using to wipe down products as they go from unclassified air into the anteroom?  We are currently using a 0.63% bleach wipe but some of our staff members have been experiencing respiratory/eye irritation, even when they are in the vicinity of others using the product.  We have also considered Peridox, but there have been reports of irritation from our staff when using this as well.  USP language speaks to wiping product down with 70% isopropyl alcohol, but I believe best practice is to use a sporicidal agent.  What product do you use, and what PPE does your staff wear when using the product?  Thanks in advance!

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Re: Wiping products as they enter ante-room

"Packaged compounding supplies and components, such as needles, syringes, tubing sets, and small- and large-volume parenterals, should be
uncartoned and wiped down with a disinfectant that does not leave a residue (e.g., sterile 70% IPA), when possible in an antearea
of ISO Class 8 (see Table 1) air quality, before being passed into the buffer areas."


We use accelerated hydrogen peroxide wipes at our facility. No sporicidal agent is required, and not everything can be wiped down as the moisture compromises the integrity of some packaging.


PPE with accelerated hydrogen peroxide is minimal -- I'd only recommend gloves.


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Re: Wiping products as they enter ante-room

I think current best practice is to use a sporicidal, due to the potential for mold contaminiation from corrugated cardboard.


We use 2% bleach or peridox (manufacturer says wipe, don't spray, to decrease irritation from fumes) because we often see tiny bits of cardboard on IV fluid overwraps, and because we did have - once - in the past - mold growth on an enviromental sample from our anteroom.


I think your specific practice - with regard to sporicide or no sporicide - should be based on what you see in your IV Room and your environmental sampling.