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When Going Lean, Waste is the Enemy - Lean/Six Sigma processes

In tandem with our webinar on March 31st with Eric S. Kastango (When Going Lean, Waste is the Enemy), please ask any questions for Eric regarding Lean methodologies and Six Sigma practices that you may have for the webinar. Eric will be monitoring this post for a week to answer questions directly. Questions asked during the webinar will be posted in the Pharmacy OneSource webinar blog.

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Re: When Going Lean, Waste is the Enemy - Lean/Six Sigma processes

Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend the webinar.  Lean is an exciting process improvement resource that can allow us to make work fun again while delivering value to our customers. I look forward to your questions and comments. 

Eric S. Kastango, MBA, RPh, FASHP

It's all about the patient.
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Re: When Going Lean, Waste is the Enemy - Lean/Six Sigma processes


That was a great webinar.  The thing that struck me the most are the similarities between Lean/Six-sigma techniques and Human Factors Engineering (HFE).  Both disciplines look closely at processes, find the inefficiencies, and then explore the potential solutions for those inefficiencies.  A specific example from the presentation was Value Stream Mapping.  One technique in HFE is to perform an end user task analysis and then map it out in the form of use cases, scenarios, story boards, or reality maps.  VSM does the same thing in exploring the current process and doing the necessary analysis to find the improvements. I like that you highlighted safety being non negotiable - keep using that Healthcare defect graph to drive that point home. 

One take away for me was the "DOWNTIME" acronym to identify waste and inefficiencies in process.  I plan to reference that for future task analysis activities.