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Use of horizontal hood work surface

It was recently brought to our attention by our hood certification representative that we should not prepare products on the work surface of the horizontal flow IV hood. This is based on the upward turning lip present at the back of the work surface nearest the HEPA filter on certain models that creates a dead space.  Additionally, it was noted that no items should be staged within 8 inches of the filter face. 

We are very interested if anyone else has heard of this due its capacity to drastically impact our workflow by having to hang every item on a hook during preparation?

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Re: Use of horizontal hood work surface



Thank you for sharing this post.  I want to make that you and everyone reading this post understand that each PEC will have its good areas (robust first-air) and bad areas (turbulence).  CriticalPoint published a Compounding Pearl on how to do a smoke study.  Typically, if you lift your injection port off the deck of the PEC, you should find good first-air airflow.  Again, do your own smoke test and make sure all your staff knows where those good and bad areas are in your PEC.  Hope this helps. 

Eric S. Kastango, MBA, RPh, FASHP

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