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USP 797 Storage Question

I have a client with a question that I wanted to put out there. The client found that page 35, item #13 states: "Materials exposed in patient care and treatment areas shall never be introduced into areas where components and ingredients for CSPs are present"


Would this be interpreted as IVs and IVPBs that are sent to the nursing cannot be brought back to the clean room or ante-room and stored, until they could be re-used again (providing they are still within the BUD)?


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Re: USP 797 Storage Question



The issue is where the medications were stored prior to their return to the pharmacy.  If they are properly stored in the med refrigerator or drug cabinet, then the risk of having a contaminated bag is much less than if the CSP was in the patient's room.  There is a concern about taking the surface microorganisms found in patient rooms (MRSA, VRE, C. Diff) and bringing them back into the pharmacy.  

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