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Re: Terminal Clean of IV Room - Workflow Contingencies

Definitely can be an issue for a lot of IV rooms. I recently reviewed our whole disinfecting/cleaning procedures, including the monthly and found that by outlining the specific procedures in fine detail as to the most efficient order of doing has dramatically reduced the time it has taken our staff (not housekeeping) to do.  We broke down the process over 2 days (end of one day and beginning of next day). We determined exactly what supplies were needed and gather these and prepare solutions before actual disinfecting/cleaning begins. Procedures designed to make sure each person has exactly what they need close at hand & are wasting time looking for the spray bottles or wipers, etc. Each person has specific tasks in the process order and it runs very smoothly. Analogous to a lawn service company cutting grass and doing trimming if you've ever watched them work- they can take a 2 hour grass cutting job and cut it down to about 15 minutes. Everyone has a job and they do it quickly, smoothly like a well oiled machine and the yard looks amazing. I've coached the staff to realize that room maintenance (minimizing particles generation & disinfecting/cleaning) is probably just as important as aseptic technique in being able to make uncontaminated CSP on a consistent basis. Side note: We have changed our terminology from "cleaning" to "disinfecting/cleaning" which I think more accurately reflects what we're actually doing and also projects a higher level of tasking than "just cleaning". I am comfortable in stating that I don't think any of our pharmacist or tech staff members would ever want housekeeping performing such an important function in our clean room.

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Re: Terminal Clean of IV Room - Workflow Contingencies



Beautiful!  Thank you for sharing how cleaning/disinfecting activities can be done efficiently and with pride.  You are correct, it is as important as aseptic technique.  It doesn't need to be any more complicated than what you described but requires forethought and planning. 

Eric S. Kastango, MBA, RPh, FASHP

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Re: Terminal Clean of IV Room - Workflow Contingencies

Thank you Eric and Terry for your input. Eric, we have gotten our IP involved and are currently revising some policies to make that standard. Terry, we are also currently looking at taking on more of the disinfecting and cleaning processes as you described (versus housekeeping) so if you have a document or anything outlining the breakdown in roles that you'd like to share I'd appreciate it. I'm also excited to say that it's my own staff that has requested to take on this role as an extension of their pride in their work. Again, I appreciate everyone's input as we continue to focus on our 797 compliance!