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Tech Check Tech

I was wondering if anyone has implemented a Tech check Tech program in their facility. My facility just got approved by the Texas state board to start this process and I need to type a policy for it. If anyone has a base policy they are willing to share, that would be great.


Laurie Wheeler, Pharm.D.

Central Texas Medical Center

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Re: Tech Check Tech

Here ya go:



HMNMH will allow pharmacy technicians to check other technicians work in accordance with California Board of Pharmacy regulations1.  Items checked will be limited to the filling of floor and ward stock and unit dose distribution systems for patients admitted to the hospital whose orders have previously been reviewed and approved by a licensed pharmacist.  To comply with the regulations, HMNMH has a clinical pharmacy program in place that consists of: 

  • Pharmacy rounding in designated patient care areas
  • Pharmacokinetic drug consulting
  • TPN ordering and monitoring
  • Attendance at Code Blue, Code Trauma, Code Heart
  • Antibiotic Team Monitoring
  • IV to PO program
  • Therapeutic Interchange program




  1. Compounded or repackaged products must have previously been checked by a pharmacist.


  1. The overall operation shall be the responsibility of the pharmacist-in-charge.


  1. The program shall be under the direction supervision of a pharmacist.  Direct supervision will be defined as having no less than one pharmacist on duty for a total of two pharmacy technicians on duty.


  1. The pharmacy technician who performs the checking function will be a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) as approved by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).


  1. The program will be evaluated on an ongoing basis, utilizing tools such as PCMS reports, medication error reports, and/or periodic audits.






  1. California Board of Pharmacy Regulation 1793.8 “Technicians in Hospitals with Clinical Pharmacy Programs.”




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Re: Tech Check Tech

Do you have quality assurance to verify accuracy of tech check tech before and after implementation?


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Re: Tech Check Tech

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I've got a T-C-T Policy that was approved for our hospital system- and it includes the competancy requirements and training. 


The policy can be found below, attached to this post.



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Re: Tech Check Tech

This doc from Idaho might have some useful info for you on training and QA processes:

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Re: Tech Check Tech

Our hospital is also starting a tech check tech program and we are looking for competencies used to evaluate checking technicians. Does anyone have examples of competencies for these checking technicians other than the ones from Minnesota?

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Re: Tech Check Tech


I thought I would share this link to a recent case study at an academic medical center.  You might find this very helpful as you journey down the path of tech responsibilities.

Tech-Check-Tech Case Study