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Steam Mops for Cleanroom floors

I recently read an article in PPP Magazine about a site using steam mops to clean the buffer and ante room floors.  No detergent/antimicrobial cleaners are used, only the steam.  What would USP's position be on using these devices for floor cleaning?

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Re: Steam Mops for Cleanroom floors



Great question!  I was thinking the same thing re: lack of germicidal detergent after I read the article.  It is important to mention that USP takes no position on activities that people do or how they intrepret the requirements of the standards, that is the role of regulators like TJC, DOH and State Board of Pharmacy.  I have a lot respect for the folks at Cleveland Clinic and would expect that they have objective data from their environmental sampling to demonstrate that their process using steam is effective in maintaining a state of control. 

Eric S. Kastango, MBA, RPh, FASHP

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