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Refrigerator in the cleanroom

Our facility would like to place a refrigerator inside our cleanroom.  I have had a hard time obtaining information on specific specs or regulations/rules on this.  Does anyone a have any information on the requirements of having a refrigerator inside a cleanroom?

Thank you.

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Re: Refrigerator in the cleanroom

If you search the archives of this forum you will find the answer to this question. Good luck!
Eric S. Kastango, MBA, RPh, FASHP

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Refrigerator in the anteroom

Hi Eric,

A buffer room and anteroom was built last year by facilities management in the O.R. Satellite Pharmacy.  The design moved the refrigerator to the anteroom straddling the line of demarcation between dirty and clean side.  The refrigerator primarily is used to store CSPs, hence is not integral to the compounding of CSPs.  I am landlocked with the redesign/remodel of the pharmacy.  My question, is based on USP 797, do I need to pursue purchasing a refrigerator without a compressor or installing an outake vent near the compressor to decrease particle contamination in the anteroom?  I am working on budget approval to update the cleanroom/anteroom with new walls, replacing wooden doors and replacing millwork, so that we are compliant with USP 797 and able to pass certification when we open.


Thank you for your help.