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Radiology Medication Questions

I had previously posted this question and wanted to repost to see if there is any further input anyone can provide:


We had a question come up in regards to a practice of drawing up medications for our radiologists. Radiology technicians draw up a total of 4 medications for a radiologist before the radiologist will be injecting the medications into a joint. The technician will draw up two medications in one syringe and two medications in a second syringe. These are prepared on a sterile field. Then when the radiologist is ready to inject the medication they utilize a syringe connector to mix together all four ingriedients and the syringe is used immediately following this. The question was brought up if this still would fall under a low risk product or with these steps if this is something that would be considered a medium risk product and should be prepared by pharmacy in a clean room.



Thank your for input.