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Placement of LAFW in a buffer room

Would like to hear some thoughts about placement of LAFW in a buffer room.  The proposed space is 9'x9'.  Being that this is very small, can you see/think of any issue using two 4' LAFW (Baker's Edgegard) facing each other?  I am unsure if I should be concerned with the unidirectional airflow generated by these two hoods blowing towards one another.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Re: Placement of LAFW in a buffer room



I believe (but am confirming with Jim Wagner, engineering control guru) that your setup will not be a problem because of the airflow velocity.  I would be concerned from a worker comfort perspective because a 4' Baker LAFW is 34" deep.  If they directly face one another, you will only have about 3 feet in the middle.  This is not enough room.  Have you considered put them at 90 degree angle to one another (e.g. North wall, West wall) ?   This will give you a lot of room in the center of your space to move product and people. Hope this helps.

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