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Pass Through to Buffer Room from Work Room

How to get meds and supplies into the buffer room is always a challenge.  I am looking for an opinion.  Current state is we have a small ante room that has two rooms attached-- One negative and one positive buffer room.  All rooms in spec and passing for air chgs, viable an,non viable and surface.  We get meds and supplies into the positive buffer room through a two door pass thru from the work room (a neutral, controlled  environment).  Everything is wiped down in the work room prior to putting into the pass thru.

The ante room has a pass thru into the negative room but is mostly used for product coming out (and a few supplies going in) as all haz drugs and many supplies are stored in the negative room. 

The ante room has line of demarcation. dirty/clean

I could move the pass thru into the ante room but it would have to go on the clean side and would rather leave the ante room for gowning and washing with minimal supplies passing thru.  Some have said that I can't have a pass thru to the buffer room from a non clean area.  I do not agree.  Thanks for your comments.