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Registered: ‎05-24-2017

Overfill in Reconstituted IV Vials

I am a pharmacy technician seeking some answers to questions regarding overfill in reconstituted iv vials. I work in a LTC pharmacy and the IVs we make are mostly antibiotic (Invanz, Pip/Taz, Vanco, Cefepime, Merropenem, Cefazolin, etc) and are dispensed in an elastomeric pump. If I am reconstituting with the manufacture recommended amount of diluent, am I extracting the same volume as the diluent added, or the entire volume of the vial which could be several mls more due to drug powder volume? I have read multiple drug package inserts and cannot find relavant information regarding the final volume to equal an accurate dose. I know that drugs that are already in solution such as Clindamycin or Gentamycin have overfill in the vial, so should I expect the same to be true when dealing with powder drugs that require reconstituting?


I have been a pharmacy technician for 7 years, but have only been making sterile compounds for one year, and I am concerned with the inconsistency and dose variability that may result without having answers and references to the above listed concerns. Any input is greatly appreciated!