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Open vertical flow hood

Our IV room facility has an open vertical flow hood (Germfree model) which houses our Baxa compounder. There is some confusion among the staff as to the appropriate method of cleaning this particular hood, specifically in regard to the sidewalls. Argument 1: staff should clean the hood using a side to side motion moving away from the filter (from the ceiling to the table). Assuming that the same "six inch" rule applies to this hood as well as a horizontal hood, this has the potential to drag contaminants from the out edge deeper into the hood. Argument 2: staff should clean the hood using the same up and down, back to front method as the horizontal hoods. This would necessitate cleaning towards the filter in some strokes. Any suggestions?

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Re: Open vertical flow hood



Actually, the edge (outside surface) of the LAFW has very good air velocity if there isn't any blocking first air.  When I demonstrate cleaning procedures, I go top to bottom, back to front, working from the cleanest part out to the opening of primary engineering control, regardless of airflow.   The ultimate way to verify that you cleaning is effective is through surface sampling.

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