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Manipulating Albumin - okay???

Our institution has a prescriber that wants add albumin [20g/L] to dialysate fluid for CRRT. This is known as single pass albumin dialysis (SPAD).

It's popular in europe for removing albumin-bound toxin acute liver failure.

This involves adding Albumin 25% (100g) to 5-L bag of PrismaSATE BGK 4/0/1.2.

Our issue: we have to remove 400ml of PrismaSATE, then add 400ml of Albumin to the bag. Our concern is manipulating albumin and the number of pokes (8 x 50-ml sticks, to get the 400ml in the bag.

Our compliance officier feels that our sterile compounding liscense doesn't cover manipulating blood products, as they may contain viruses. 


The CRRT machine that we use, it a closed system (not possible to y-site in the albumin).


Is there really an issues with manipulating albumin (i.e put our clean room/license in jeopardy)? I'm of the opinion that albumin is safe (blood is tested, albumin undergoes pasteurisation).


thanks for any advice?