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ISO 8 ante room fungus in air

One of our smaller hospitals had their semi-annual certification done. All viable and non viable air samples turned out fine except for 2 cfu of aspergillus niger in the air in the ISO 8 ante room. A possible source of the floor drain was remedied and when re-testing was done it came up with the exact same results. Since the ISO 5 and 7 environments had 0 cfu, is it ok to use the ISO 5 hood to mix IVs? During the re-testing time, compounding had been suspended at this location.

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Re: ISO 8 ante room fungus in air



What types of cleaning agents are being used to clean your sterile compounding area?  It is critical to use a germicidal detergent and water that has fungicidal activity.  IPA SHOULD NOT USED as the sole agent.  It can be used to wipe work surfaces after cleaning but it is critical to use an appropriate agent.  Until you can find the source (how do you know it's not your certifier?) I wouldn't recommend using the space.  Here is an article to help you.

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