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Garbing for only entering negative pressure room

Currently our pharmacists enter the negative pressure room to check a syringe of chemo before it is shot into the bag. I haven't been able to find garbing requirements for just entering the room. It would seem to me that double shoe covers would be needed due to hazardous drug residue that may be present on the floor; one pair of chemo gloves for handling items in the room, but would a hair cover and gown be necessary since the pharmacist is not compounding? We have an isolator, not a BSC.

Thank you for your input!

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Re: Garbing for only entering negative pressure room



So what happens if the pharmacist gets exposed to a spill or HDs while in the room?  Could the pharmacist stage an order while the tech is in the CACI working?  I don't know how you do anything but be properly/fully garbed when in this room, be it an HD buffer room or C-SCA. If the chapter has no specific guidance, then the call is yours to make.   

Eric S. Kastango, MBA, RPh, FASHP

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Re: Garbing for only entering negative pressure room



I am so glad to see this in writing - especially "How you do anything but...".


I got some pushback when I first insited that checking pharmacists fully garb - but now it is second nature and all complaining has stopped.


I was thinking that a chemo rseidue swab test might help, but it never came to that.


Karen Kamenetsky