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Environmental sampling options

Just asking for some general suggestions to get environmental sampling underway (surface sampling and gloved fingertip sampling). I have contacted a laboratory to outsource the process but it looks to be very pricey. They want $60 per plate to incubate and analyze multiplied by 31 sampling sites monthly.


Does anyone have suggestions on how to do the testing internally? I.e., good recommendations on contact plate and incubator suppliers.

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Re: Environmental sampling options



I believe if you buy the plates (not the paddles since several of my clients have used them and have had ZERO growth only to find growth with plates), an incubator (if you work in a hospital, check with your lab and ask if they could incubate them for you) and train your staff (lots of really good web-based training programs and articles online), you could do this yourself.  

Eric S. Kastango, MBA, RPh, FASHP

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