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Compounding in the OR

I am trying to get the nurses and physicians in the OR to adhere to a BUD of 1 hour for anything they draw up and compound in the OR. I am getting push back as they are telling me that they are doing this under HEPA filtered laminar air flow from the ceiling in the sterile field. I don't know what ISO class the air is rated at, but even if it is ISO 5, would this make a difference since the area is not dedicated to compounding?

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Re: Compounding in the OR

In my experience with surgery air, very few have true HEPA filter air. And if they do, there probably isn't a testing or classification process in place at your facility. Also they want the expenses of testing the OR to USP standards on a semi annual basis? How about ante rooms? Pressure monitors? Temp/humidity monitor? Cleaning protocol? Access to pharmacy only meds? Just because they may have HEPA filters in air supply... doesn't get them beyond immediate use.