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Cleaning and Disinfecting / Goggles

We recently updated / are working on updating procedures for cleaning and sterilizing our ISO Class 5 hood to be in line with USP 797 regulations, and I was hoping for some additonal information. (We are seeking NABP Verified Pharmacy status, and have much room for improvement regarding our sterile compounding.) Previously we were only using 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and 70% IPA inside the hood. The hydrogen peroxide is used for cleaning spills, with the IPA being used the majority of the time. Cavicide for the floors. No rotation of anything. In addition, we never allow either product any dwell time on the work surface (with the exception of the alcohol drying once, before beginning compounding, and then again when leaving the hood for the day).


We just purchased sterile 70% IPA (CiDehol ST), and a sporicidal agent (PeridoxRTU), and have been instructed to rotate the PerodoxRTU and 3% hyrdogen peroxide every other month, and use the Sterile IPA continually. Is this rotation necessary? In addition, do the walls and ceiling of the hood daily need cleaned with the PerodoxRTU, then followed by the alcohol? I have read the regulations but struggle with what chemical falls into which category (cleaning vs. disinfecting).  Where does a sporicidal agent fit in? And must it have a dwell time on the work surface? Our microbicidal testing results have been great, but I would appreciate any advice, input, or suggestions on the previous questions mentioned.


In addition, since implementing the PeridoxRTU, we have had several technicians bothered by the odor/fumes, and are looking into eye PPE. Any recommendations? Must they be sterile and disposable? We typically only have 1 technician in the hood for 2 hours a day max, and would like to make reasonable investments in this area to accomodate their discomfort. Any input is appreciated.



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Re: Cleaning and Disinfecting / Goggles



There has been a lot of discussion about many of the issues re: odor with Peridox.  I know Contec, the manufacturer has specific instructions on how to best minimize these VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  Cleaning and agent rotation was also covered extensively in articles I have posted this forum, so do some searching and many of your questions will be answered.  Thanks. 

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