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BD syringe bulk sterile convenience pack/tray

Hello all,


Due to syringe shortages our facility is planning to use BD syringes in bulk sterile convenience packs/trays for IV room batching.  I am unfamiliar with this product having always used individually packaged sterile syringes and wanted feedback from those who may also be using them.  There are 20 syringes to a sterile pack.  Once the pack is opened inside the ISO 5 environment (horizontal air flow), is it preferred to keep the syringes in the open sterile tray until ready to attach a needle?  Or are all syringes removed from the tray once under the hood?  Once the tray is opened within the ISO 5 environment what would be a reasonable time frame for them to be used  by before discarding?   


Thank you for any advice.





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Re: BD syringe bulk sterile convenience pack/tray



We use convenience packs at our facility for batching. We consider them an immediate use item once opened. You never want a naked syringe sitting in the hood for too long. A possible workaround you is to place a needle on the syringes, but then you are contending against sufficient work room in your IV hood.  Using these packs for anything outside of batching is problematic, and even then, you have to be careful. Six hours is the limit we would feel comfortable with.   I understand the shortage environment we all find ourselves in is tough, but we still must ensure we are working in a manner that leads us to a clean aseptically prepared product. 


Hope this helps.


Richard H Martin