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Alcohol Pads

Some facilities in my area are being cited due to using one alcohol swab on more than one vial or port. They are being told one swab per surface, even if there are multiple vials of the same drug. We are expecting to be visited in the next few months and right now we are using one swab on more than one surface since it is still wet enough to have sufficient contact time. Is there a reference that states this is OK or NOT OK?


Thank you

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Re: Alcohol Pads

There is no reference for one wipe per vial and I believe it is TJC who is citing people.  It is bull**bleep** because there is no data to support any specific practice.  If wipes are being used and they are sterile, then, in my experience it is fine.  Inspectors, surveyors, and auditors are focusing on the wrong things when inspecting pharmacy operations.  Time to do a study to test what is best practice.  

Eric S. Kastango, MBA, RPh, FASHP

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Re: Alcohol Pads

On the topic of alcohol pads, we are wondering if the outside of each individual alcohol swab package must be wiped with sterile 70% isopropyl alcohol when being placed into the hood (moving from ISO7 to ISO5 environment).  Thank you!