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Registered: ‎03-15-2017

Sterile gloves/Glove liners

I have had staff members who have had problems with their skin after wearing non latex gloves. We are looking for liners to place under the gloves.  I found a few options, Cotton (which is not low lint), Nylon and polyester.  There is also a  sterile glove with Aloe in it.  Does anyone know which of these prodcuts if any are UPS <797> complaint? If not, are there any other products in use that I should be considering.



Stephanie Pancheri

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Re: Sterile gloves/Glove liners

Some manufacturers of sterile gloves add product to the "recipe" that make the gloves dry faster, increasing production rates.  Very few people are allergic to nitrile gloves, but if they may be allergic to these chemicals.  One glove brand that does not contain these chemicals is called "Critigear".  You might try those.