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Registered: ‎11-10-2016

Glove Use in Isolators

Regarding gloving in an isolator: Technicians at our institution have historically worn linen gloves on their hands when working in an isolator. They perform hand hygiene, put on the linen gloves, put their hands into the isolator gloves, then don sterile gloves over the isolator gloves. They state this helps with sweating of their hands while working in the isolators. Because the linen gloves are not sterile, I am not comfortable with continuing this practice. To me it almost defeats the purpose of hand hygiene if they then put this non-sterile linen glove on before entering the isolator gloves. Their concern with abandoning this long-standing practice is 1) excessive sweating (being uncomfortable) and 2) because of the sweating, the isolator gloves stick to their hands - when they move in and out of the isolator gloves, their isolator gloves turn inside out. The downstream effects of this are then having to replace their sterile gloves on the isolator gloves every time they come in and out (in hazardous drug compounding areas, this becomes costly and time consuming - if they have to replace sterile gloves more often than the standard 30 minutes).

Does anyone have any similar experiences or thoughts? My goal is to eliminate the linen glove use in the isolator but I am not sure of any tactics to help them with the uncomfortable sweating or time consuming/costly aspect of increased use of sterile gloves.

Thank you!