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CMS and NHSN Webinar Part 2

Thanks for joining our webinar with Joan Hebden, RN, MS, CIC who provided an update on new CMS requirements for 2014 and evolving revisions to the 2013 NHSN definitions for healthcare-associated infections.


Have a question for Joan? Post it here in our forum for her to answer.

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Re: CMS and NHSN Webinar Part 2

Here are some questions that we received during the presentation that were not answered in the presentation due to time constraints:


  1. When looking at CAUTI's one thing comes to my mind is you have to meet temp critieria but in your elderly population you often have Afebrile pts with symptomatic CAUTI, how do you capture those patients?
    The lack of sensitivity of the SUTI fever criteria for the elderly patient is being considered with the revised definition. For now, the temperature criteria remains at >38C.

  2. In the SSI question.  If the patient who had a colon had been seen by a physician with symptoms prior to the ED visit, would it have been an SSI, even thought the ED visit after the 30 days?
    If the patient exhibited signs and symptoms of an SSI at a MD office visit within the 30 day follow-up period, it would be considered an SSI.  If beyond the 30 day follow-up, it would NOT be counted as an SSI.

  3. What would be the criteria for SSI for a mastectomy with implants?
    Breast surgery has a 90-day follow-up period.  The presence of implants DOES NOT extend this period. If the infection type is superficial incisional SSI, a 30-day follow-up period would apply.

  4. Is closure type required for all denominator cases?
    Yes- The reporting of closure type will be used for risk analysis and therefore, will be required for all procedural denominators.

  5. Are Dialysis Centers (including inpatient centers managed and staffed by outside companies) required to report CLABSIs related to dialysis lines?
    Not at this time

  6. Do you have a provider procedure or standard for post evaluation of removing of urinary catheter? 
    See the following image from Meddings J, et al  Reducing Unnecessary Urinary Catheter Use and Other Strategies to Prevent Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection: An Integrative Review. BMJ Qual Saf 2013: 1-13.