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Use of sterile gloves when preparing immediate -use CSP


Are sterile gloves required for the preparation of  CSP in unit med rooms? The section in USP <797> of Immediate-USe CSP is not specific about gloving requirements when nurses are mixing on the unit. I understand that immediate -use CSP are exempt of the garbing and gowning requirement, but I am not clear if non sterile gloves may be used.   I would assume that if sterile gloves are required in the preparation of allergen extract, the same would apply to hospital setting when nurses need to mix drugs in the med room. 

I appreciate any feedback related to this practice,


Vannessa Berrios RPh

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Re: Use of sterile gloves when preparing immediate -use CSP

Not sure about what the hospital bylaws say but the nurses here just mix drugs with the regular latex gloves - rather than the more "sterile" surgical gloves