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I was raised in tropical Africa, a region known for high prevalence of malaria. As a matter of fact, childhood was marked with bouts brought about by those demons called female anopheles mosquitoes. Adulthood has never been different too.
Here in my country, people are fast generating their own ways of curing diverse diseases. In fact many have resulted to herbs and self-medication. And truthfully, the repercussion has been grave.
Hence, there is great need for collaboration among Internists and other medics the world over, to be tireless in the search for care and cure of certain prevailing diseases in some specific parts of the globe.
Over the years the Liverpool Institute of Tropical Medicine and many other world-class medical institutes have blazed the trail as regards research and training.
Furthermore, we must not forget that getting our passionate young men and women into medical institutions with first-class experts and state-of-the-art facilities for residency can go a long way to ameliorate our plight., an international outfit assists prospective residents especially those from non-English speaking nations as regards crafting excellent motivation essays and statement of purpose for residency admission.
We must crush malaria and other scourges plaguing us. We can!