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Need for Pharmacy Tech's on the Rise!

Here is a great article about the future of the Pharmacy Technicians role and the demand for techs:

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Re: Need for Pharmacy Tech's on the Rise!

I'm not sure how I feel about that article. It feels to me somewhat over-optimistic, and sounds like it was written more by a marketing person for a tech-school than anything else.


My experience in California and Washington state is that the pharmacy tech market is actually fairly saturated. And even with the licensing and school requirements in both California and Washington, there are far too many techs pursuing far too few jobs, and that a tech just graduating school without job-experience or externing at a prospective job (either outpatient or inpatient) is going to have a difficult time finding a job.


I also balk at the salary range specified in the article as being misleading for people who are looking at a pharmacy career. $26,000 is realistic for a hospital setting (about $13.00/hour... retail will be less), but I cannot see a regular tech making $43,000 unless they have many, many years of inpatient experience, or are filling some specialized role in a hospital or special setting. In states which have no licensing or training requirements, techs make only just above minimum wage.

Graham O'Hea, Pharmacy Systems Analyst
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Re: Need for Pharmacy Tech's on the Rise!


i think their should be an need to grow the pharmacy tech's. Im really happy with that the pharmacy tech's on the way to rise in the market. The demand for pharmacy technician training is on the rise due to the fast growing population and the need for health care.Smiley Happy