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Registered: ‎02-20-2013

Plenamine Use in TPN

 With the current shortage of amino acid products for compounding TPNs, I am looking for a way to not "waste" any after compounding TPNs for the day.  I know that the Plenamine is to be discarded 4 hours after entry into the original container. The only option I can see, is to compound an extra bag to be used for a patient the next day and refrigerate it. I can add the muti-vitamins right before sending up to the patient on the floor (due to stability). Since Home Infusion facilities send out several bags at a time, I believe compounding the extra bag and using the next day would be ok (medium risk). First, you think this is acceptable? Second, is there a different/better way to not waste the amino acid? The reason I ask for a different/better way, is because the TPN formulation could be changed by the prescriber before the next day bag is due, so I would have to discard the TPN. Third, can I just run a bag of amino acid and add everything (dextrose, electrolytes, insulin, MVI, etc) the next day before sending to the floor? This would greatly decrease the chance of not being able to use the extra bag the next day. 

 I know, so many questions. Thanks for your help.  Sam