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Are eyelash extensions considered a cosmetic

 Eyelash extensions are individual lashes, made of a synthetic fiber, which are glued on one by one to the top of each eyelash. Extensions remain on for approximately 3-4 weeks and fall out with the natural growth and shedding cycle of the eyelash. Would these be considered a cosmetic?

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Re: Are eyelash extensions considered a cosmetic

I am looking for the same answer....getting push back from compounding staff re: false eyelashes prohibited in the clean rooms.  I cannot find any documentation either for or against staff request to consider allowing them to wear goggles as a compromise.  Have you had any further discussion with anyone about this issue?  Thank you!

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Re: Are eyelash extensions considered a cosmetic

We had a similar situation with an employee wearing these eyelashes. Our group coinsiders the use cosmetic, but I spoke to employee about any psychological need to werar them and if so we were going to arrange a tightly fitted high end goggle she would need to wear and would need to clean the goggles regularly before using them. The employee chose to not wear the eyelashes.